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Slospeak is an artist-friendly community built on integrity in art and relationships.
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Slospeak stands alone as a truly artist-centric label. Slospeak adapts. Slospeak creates unique opportunities for their artists; they have an approach that fosters the vision of its artists. This is the catalyst to each artists’ success. Slospeak listens – not only to the music but also to the heartbeat of the artist.


Slospeak Records is a company dedicated to developing artists to their full potential.

It’s a family of artists and staff striving to share quality music. Slospeak believes that art has the power to change lives.


Slospeak Records is a community of artists put together by innovative individuals that believe in art with differing moods, messages, & goals. Slospeak makes bold & well thought out moves to help artists achieve their goals, whether professionally or passionately.


Edenspeak is Slospeak Records publishing affiliate. We help our artists reach wide audiences. Learn more.

Indie music evokes an attitude. That attitude could be an artist that took his pain and turned it into something beautiful.  It makes the listener feel things. And that’s what good music does. It speaks to you where you are.

It changes you.

Davy Baysinger

Bleach Band

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