January 20, 2015 PRE-ORDER THE TALKIE EP!
NASHVILLE, TN – January 19, 2014 - Rock’n roll act, Talkie, just announced their recent signing with Slospeak Records. Based in San Francisco, California, the four piece is excited to receive label support and release their debut EP, in partnership with Milkcarton Media Group, on January 27th. Pre-orders for the EP are now live. “Slospeak boasts a new music industry model for their label that was exactly what we were looking for, with a ton of fresh ideas for marketing our …   Read more!
This makes the New Year A little Happier! Slospeak welcomes the San Francisco-based Talkie to the family! Talkie consists of drummer Eric Martin, guitarist Christopher Isaacs, and brothers Brad and Matt Hagmann -all of whom have spent years touring in previous bands. The result of their combined experience and songwriting is a fresh brand of rock and roll that is just as influenced by 60′s brit-invasion, as it is 90′s alternative. This winter, Talkie will release their debut EP, which …   Read more!
Join us as we welcome Ravenhill to the Slospeak family! A band from the MidWest and currently residing in Nashville, Ravenhill is a force to be reckoned with. Their powerful live show emits contagious energy and raw, honest lyrics. Lead vocalist Josh Clifton echoes this: “I honestly feel that we are part of a movement that is bringing back the authenticity to the music industry. We’re not the first to do it and we aren’t going to be the last, …   Read more!
July 24, 2014 Golden Youth Releases First of 3 EP’s
As spring wrapped up and summer crept in, Golden Youth drove themselves to a secluded cabin in the Smoky Mountains to write and record. Surrounded by nature, Stephanie and Kyle immersed themselves in songwriting. What they created is more honest and raw than ever. The result? A 5song EP entitled The Cabin, that showcases the haunting melodies and unconventional instruments that Golden Youth is so known for. It’s inspiring and earthy and just the first of a three part EP …   Read more!